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About The Law Offices of Orin H. Lewis, PLLC

The Law Offices of Orin H. Lewis, PLLC was founded to help meet the insurance recovery needs of businesses, non-profits, and their directors and officers. Attorney Orin H. Lewis brings more than 25 years of experience to helping policyholders and other insureds resolve their disputes with insurance companies. The firm only represents policyholders, never insurance companies.

Specific legal principles apply to insurance coverage disputes that do not apply to other types of contracts dispute. Seeking assistance from a policyholder advocate that handles these matters exclusively can make a dramatic difference in whether and how much you recover.  Too see why, follow the link to learn more about the Firm Philosophy and what that means to you.

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Orin H. Lewis

Tenacious Advocacy Designed To Deliver Results

The firm recognizes that insurance disputes can draw precious resources from the insured. In every case, the firm will apply its knowledge and skills to reach a resolution as efficiently as possible. Should litigation prove to be necessary, however, Mr. Lewis brings a quarter-century of courthouse experience and tenacious advocacy to the table and will ardently pursue for you the recovery you deserve.

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To learn more about the firm’s services and how attorney Orrin H. Lewis can help meet the needs of large insurance policyholders, call 713 423 6772 or complete the online contact form. Headquartered in Houston, the firm serves clients in Texas and throughout the United States.