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Directors And Officers Coverage

Directors and officers coverage protects and indemnifies the members of an entity’s governing body (e.g., directors) and executives (e.g., officers) and in some policy forms the entity, itself, from claims against such individuals or entity. For most individual insureds, perhaps the most important attribute of this coverage is the insured’s defense, which can include not only the defense of civil lawsuits but also government investigations, administrative actions and even criminal proceedings.  

Hopefully, your career has been and will be blessedly free of such concerns.  However, should that day come, and especially if your company went bankrupt or you are no longer employed by the company at issue, the duties to indemnify and defend against the same may be all that stands between you and personal catastrophe.

At The Law Offices of Orin H. Lewis, PLLC, the firm is dedicated to standing up to insurance companies who wrongfully refuse to fulfill their duties. With 25 years of legal experience, attorney Orin H. Lewis understands when these D&O policies apply and how these D&O policies can be used to protect the interests of directors, officers and the corporate entities they serve.

Comprehensive Analysis Of Potential Issues

Unlike general contract principles, insurance law in many jurisdictions, including Texas, requires that an ambiguous policy provisions must be construed in favor of the insured.  If you thought a risk would be covered, but the insurance company had told you otherwise, you may well be right.  Even if you are unsure, the individual language of a policy, any endorsements to the policy, must be carefully analyzed to determine whether coverage exists.  Knowledge of legal principles specific to insurance law, prior insurance coverage precedents, how policy provisions interact, and how policy language has changed or adapted over time is essential to maximizing potential coverage.  A policyholder advocate with a policyholder perspective may see coverage where others—especially those beholden to insurance companies—do not.

Many director and officer policies include a mix of first-party and third-party liability coverage. However, unlike most policies, where an insurance company’s wrongful denial can, at worst, lead to financial ruin, a wrongful denial in these situations may mean the difference between vindication and jail. With this much at stake, turn to a firm that represents policyholders exclusively and who can help level the playing field between you and your insurer.

Contact A Skilled Law Firm If Your D & O Claim Has Been Denied

If your directors and officers claim has been denied, or if you have received a reservation of rights letter or your insurance company is unreasonably delaying getting you the help you need, see the difference a policyholder advocate can make. Call 713 423 6772 or complete the online contact form. Headquartered in Houston, the firm represents clients in Texas and throughout the United States.