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Firm Philosophy

The Law Offices of Orin H. Lewis, PLLC is an insurance recovery boutique focused exclusively on the representation of policyholders and other insureds in insurance counseling, claims management, and dispute resolution. Whether an ISO form, an insurance company’s standardized policy or a manuscript policy, the firm has the experience and expertise to handle a broad range of first-party and liability coverage issues.

The policyholder mindset. The firm’s commitment to policyholders is more than a marketing strategy; it’s a mindset. Many legal principles that apply to ordinary contracts also apply to insurance policies. However, in Texas and most other jurisdictions, specific legal principles apply to insurance coverage disputes that dramatically impact how insurance coverage attorneys approach those disputes. In most instances, these statutes and common law legal principles have been developed specifically to put power back in the hands of insureds recognizing the tremendous disadvantage that insureds face in disputes with insurance companies which, absent legal proceedings, are the sole arbiters of whether or not they will pay an insured’s claim. Any attorney unfamiliar with those legal principles will be at a tremendous disadvantage not only in prosecuting a policyholder’s claim to a successful conclusion but also in recognizing what a successful conclusion looks like.

The policyholder advocate. In addition to the exclusive control of the claims payment decision, insurance companies enjoy a tremendous advantage as repeat players and repeat payors. Insurance companies file and defend insurance coverage lawsuits on a regular basis. Almost all insureds have little, if any, insurance coverage-specific experience and none has the same quantum of experience as your average insurance company. Further, insurance companies wield tremendous influence in the legal market because they pay the bills of the law firms they hire to defend their insureds. Put another way, insurance companies that offer liability insurance are in the litigation business. That means, finding a true policyholder advocate will be a challenge.

The policyholder perspective. Even absent a direct conflict (the law firm represents the insured’s insurance company), an experienced insurance coverage attorney may have positional conflicts – the inability to take a particular position because the attorney has taken or is expected take an adverse position as a result of the attorney’s representation of insurance companies – or business conflicts – the inability to take a position adverse to insurance companies or otherwise aggressively advocate on an insured’s behalf based on the revenues derived by that attorney’s firm from insurance companies. More importantly, it’s simply difficult for any attorney who regularly represents insurance companies to view any issue unaffected by an insurance company’s view of insurance law and its obligations to its insured. The Law Offices of Orin H. Lewis, PLLC, only has one perspective – the insureds.

The policyholder’s exclusive remedy. The Law Offices of Orin H. Lewis, PLLC, only represents policyholders and other insureds. It does not represent insurance companies and does not serve as panel counsel or have any other business relationships that would make it beholden to insurance companies. From policy placement to claims counseling, from appraisal and arbitration to litigation and appeals, whether leading the charge or working behind the scenes, the firm only has one focus – representing insureds as zealously as it can with all of their insurance recovery needs. Please call 713 423 6772 or email [email protected] and see what difference The Law Offices of Orin H. Lewis, PLLC, can make for you.